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Amie lets you organize, connect, visualize, and share all your research - data, metadata, analysis and notes - on one platform.
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Experience how a wine maker, a chemist, and a data scientist use amie to do great work...

The notebook

Non linear note-taking
Francesca is a winemaker in Red Country, Denmark wondering whether a data-driven approach can help her make the best wine possible. She manages a team consisting of an analytical chemist Fritz and a data scientist Anders. She collects a list of popular wines and asks her expert sommelier friend to rate them. She then sends samples of all the wines to Fritz for analysis. Amie allows her to structure her plan and document her data to quickly share it with her team.
Amie's structured notebook


Structured data provider
Fritz is a chemist that has been performing analysis on wine for ages, he’s up to speed with tech so he controls his experimental equipment with python (check out his Jupyter notebook here). Amie integrates with experimental equipment capturing data and metadata automatically. Fritz shares all the data with the team: Anders can immediately start mining the data.
Amie's structured notebook


Any parameter, tracked!
Anders is a data scientist and collates the datasets he received into one usable data frame for machine learning. He does all the processing within a jupyter notebook and amie keeps track of his metrics! Anders' outlier analysis reveals something absurd: Fritz can easily see that and gets back to the lab!


Mine your failures!
Fritz can easily get an overview of what the parameters were and he can identify that the temperature of the cellar had a spike! He then redoes the measurements. Anders sees the new data and can quickly re-run that analysis notebook. Francesca does not have to torment the team asking for updates as she can follow their progress.
Amie's structured notebook


Transparency = speed!
Francesca is traveling around and can at a glance get a feeling of what's going on in her team. She can see that a mistake was made: it happens all the times when dealing with cutting edge research and development. Anders keeps developing his advanced models. Back in her vineyard, Francesca has a relaxed meeting with her advisory board where the overview Anders created helps them decide which wine to make based on the data collected and analysed.
Amie's structured notebook
and check out the python client instructions here!

Read more about amie's features:

Entering data is as simple as making a handwritten note. Drag and drop data files, images, PDFs and document your thoughts. Attachments are previewed in real time, yes, even your data files. Automatic captions make it easy to reference attachments as you write.
Amie organizes notebook pages in an interactive graph, which lets you directly model your workflow and document your reasoning without the mental overhead of a folder structure. It enables you to track back and see the history of a result. Parameter inheritance through the graph ensures that you don’t forget a single detail. Cross-reference easily with the power of augmented search.
Amie helps you to understand quantitative data, by plotting it. Visually explore correlations, find trends, and make new discoveries. Get an overview of years of data with one click, and immediately see all research assets connected to a data point.
Mine your failures; you can classify results as successes and failures along with their associated parameters and cross-correlate them across projects. Combined with plotting, this lets you dig deep into your workflow and quickly see what worked, what didn’t and why.

Anywhere, any device.

Amie runs in your browser on any device; your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Connect amie to your measurement equipment with our API or python client and automatically input data and meta-data. Import/export for advanced analytics: clean data, without the overhead!

Collaborate and share.

Amie’s fine-grained multiuser rights management lets you collaborate as teams and share a complete interactive record of your discovery process. Sharing your knowledge with the world is easy too: exploration features can also be accessible for non-users, completely changing the way the community interacts with your discoveries.

You can choose our cloud solution and get started right away, or choose from a range of support and customization services.


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and check out the python client instructions here!